Oil – A Valuable Raw Material

Oil is a hydrocarbon compositions with small amounts of oxygenates, nitrogen and sulfur compounds and metal salts emulsified residues. The elemental composition of crude oil hovers around the following values: C, 80/90%; H, 10/15%; O, 0.5 / 7%; N, 0.1 / 1.8%; S, 0.3 / 6%; ashes, 0.1%. The different kinds of oils, contain a greater proportion other hydrocarbons, paraffinic and naphthenic; olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons are found only in certain oils and not higher amounts. This stuff might sound pretty complicated, but it’s the type of jargon that Fresno plumbing and other plumbers deal with daily. Their services handle garcinia cambogia opinioni on a regular basis.


It originates from a raw material mainly formed by detritus of aquatic living organisms, plants and animals living in the seas, lagoons or river mouths, or near the sea. It is located only in the media of sedimentary origin. Organic matter is deposited and is covered by sediments; to become ever deeper, it becomes hydrocarbons, a process that, according to recent theories, is a degradation by bacteria first aerobic and anaerobic later. These reactions give off oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, which are part of the volatile hydrocarbon compounds.

As sediments are made compact by pressure effects, the “bedrock” is formed. Subsequently, by phenomena of “migration”, oil passes impregnate sands or more porous and permeable rocks (sandstones, fissured limestone, dolomite), called “reservoir rocks”, and in which the oil is concentrated and remains there if is a trap that prevents the migration to the surface where it is oxidized and volatilized, losing interest as an energy source.

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