Diary Entry Journal Thing

Today was my sister’s birthday. Unlike other years, this time my aunt and niece were staying at our house, so we had an uncommon birthday celebration. We didn’t do much in the morning. The highlight of the morning was probably playing pixel gun 3d hack on the xbox. Usually when we play multiplayer mode where one player is the zombies and the other is the plants I destroy my sister but today she was the zombies and came really close to beating me, but after we went into pixel gun 3d cheats and she couldn’t use any tombstones, I won by a landslide. It’s just luck that I won this time, I didn’t even try to let her win because it’s her birthday or anything. My mom had to work but she was able to leave early so the entire family went to pick her up at 2 in the afternoon and we headed to Red Lobster. It was a great place to have lunch, everyone enjoyed their food. After that we came home and relaxed for a little. I went to the park to play basketball (again, I do that often). I had a lot of fun there playing 4 on 4 and I saw a couple people I haven’t seen since last summer.
After that I came home and showered, wondering if we would do anything else to celebrate my sister’s birthday. While I was putting on some pomade into my hair, we decided on watching a movie together. The problem was that my niece is only nine years old, so we could only watch movies rated G or PG. I had a brilliant idea. I would torrent the “Even Stevens” Movie and put it on a flash drive, and then connect the flash drive to the TV so that we could watch it without the assistance of Netflix or an HDMI cable. This worked out pretty well, I had the movie downloaded and on the TV within 20 minutes.

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