Oil – A Valuable Raw Material

Oil is a hydrocarbon compositions with small amounts of oxygenates, nitrogen and sulfur compounds and metal salts emulsified residues. The elemental composition of crude oil hovers around the following values: C, 80/90%; H, 10/15%; O, 0.5 / 7%; N, 0.1 / 1.8%; S, 0.3 / 6%; ashes, 0.1%. The different kinds of oils, contain a greater proportion other hydrocarbons, paraffinic and naphthenic; olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons are found only in certain oils and not higher amounts. This stuff might sound pretty complicated, but it’s the type of jargon that Fresno plumbing and other plumbers deal with daily. Their services handle garcinia cambogia opinioni on a regular basis.


It originates from a raw material mainly formed by detritus of aquatic living organisms, plants and animals living in the seas, lagoons or river mouths, or near the sea. It is located only in the media of sedimentary origin. Organic matter is deposited and is covered by sediments; to become ever deeper, it becomes hydrocarbons, a process that, according to recent theories, is a degradation by bacteria first aerobic and anaerobic later. These reactions give off oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, which are part of the volatile hydrocarbon compounds.

As sediments are made compact by pressure effects, the “bedrock” is formed. Subsequently, by phenomena of “migration”, oil passes impregnate sands or more porous and permeable rocks (sandstones, fissured limestone, dolomite), called “reservoir rocks”, and in which the oil is concentrated and remains there if is a trap that prevents the migration to the surface where it is oxidized and volatilized, losing interest as an energy source.

Diary Entry Journal Thing

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6 tips to get more likes on Instagram

Nobody looks at your photos? Do you have many friends but few likes ? There are many ways to become popular in Instagram and get more likes for our photos. Here are six useful tips to gain more followers in the  acclaimed social network of photographic filters.

Today, Instagram is the most popular social platform to share photos and videos with a series of filters. More than 200 million fans from all over the world confirm the massive success enjoyed by the application acquired by Facebook in 2012. But unlike this, in Instagram we have many methods to make new friends and get our photos have many likes , it’s just a matter of implementing the following tips.

6. Choose the time

Often we tend to put our picture on realinstagramhack.com at the time that we, being that wins us share our anxiety photo (or logic insouciance), rather than planning your success. However, the best recommendation is to analyze the “peak hours” and then share our photos, so do not miss out on the mound, and that many more people can see it.

5. Selfies

The selfies no waste in Instagram , especially now that they have become so popular. If you do want to draw attention with a fun, creative and original selfie.Remember that every day share thousands of photos on Instagram , so not a bad idea to try to do something different. Maybe you can be the creator of a new trend!

4. Share on other social networks

It is no news that Instagram has several options to share our photos and videos on other social networks. If we want more people to see our photos we extend our publications to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr.

This is also very useful to gain more followers who know they have a profile on Instagram .

3. Tags

Take advantage of group photos to tag friends on Instagram . When we label a contact chances are that our photo has various likes and comments. But beware, it is not good to abuse of labels or include other friends who do not appear in the photos.

2. Pets

Just as selfies are a very popular trend in social networks, photos of pets(specifically kittens) are a magnet more likes . Do not miss a chance to climb selfies or disguise your pet in the next picture.

1. Popular Hashtags

And of course, a photo without hashtags is doomed to go unnoticed. Add one or more hashtags for your photo to be seen by thousands of people with similar interests, and try to stick to the most popular rather than creating any own but little usable.

The use of hashtags is an indispensable resource that will help you add manylikes on your photos and videos. And much better if you use those being trend, which is where most people focus your search.

Already you’re ready to get more comments and likes on Instagram ? Good luck!